b'In-line Flow Meters Non-Nuclear Density MeterPrecisionandaccuracyareparamountwhenmeasuringTraditionally density of slurries has been measured using gamma liquids, particularly in custody transfer and chemical dosingmeters. This radioactive source results in numerous practical or batching applications. drawbacks.ALIAsnon-nucleardensitymeterforslurries We offer the highest quality local and international brandsoffersaccuratereal-timedata,withminimalmaintenance for in-line positive displacement, mechanical and ultrasonicand reduced calibration requirements, allowing you to truly flowmeters, suitable for fuel, chemical, water, and thermaloptimiseproductionwhilstreducingtotaloperationalcosts energy applications.Our team can also assist with recommendations specific to yourincluding special certifications and the disposal of hazardous application and provide in-situ flow meter validation services. materials. Features and Benefits Features and BenefitsHigh accuracy and repeatability Simple, robust & reliable productCan be used for highly viscous fluids Easy installationIntrinsically safe versions available Immediate signal showing actual valuesAvailable with a range of displays and all outputs Measurement of all materialssand, metal & rockAn ideal solution for all fuel types Easily integrated with existing systems & softwareNo training requirementApplications Applications Custody transfer Mineral processing Oil Dredging Viscous liquids Tunneling Food & Beverage Well servicingPharmaceuticalWaterChemical'