b'Custody Transfer Meters Sampling & BlendingCaldon ultrasonic flowmeters provide the industry with durable,Jiskoot manufacture a range of fully engineered systems stable,andlow-cost-of-ownershipultrasonicmeasurementand products for various sampling applications. All products options. Sensia is constantly developing cutting-edge ultrasoniccomply with the standards when installed and operated in technologytobettermeetindustrydemandsforcustodyaccordance with the standards. All systems are supplied with transfer.Thesemultipathinlineultrasonicflowmetersarea performance warranty that guarantees compliance with backed by more than 50 years of experience and a history ofthe sampling standards even if proved by water injection. technological firsts for their use. Jiskoot sampling systems and products are designed and manufactured by drawing on years of experience in liquid and gas hydrocarbon sampling. Features and Benefits Features and Benefits Improved meter reliability over a wide range ofSimple and reliable to useapplication conditions Easy to maintainImproved safety for technicians when replacingFully compliant with International best practicetransducers Irrefutable evidence to support your measurement Simplified installation, reduced meter footprint, andsystemoverall metering section weightReduced maintenance.Applications ApplicationsLiquid hydrocarbon Crude Oil and Condensate SamplingHigh viscosity, low flow Hydrocarbon Gas SamplingLNG LNG & LPG SamplingGas hydrocarbon'