b'Fire, Flame and Gas Detection Systems Liquid Analysis SystemsFire and Gas explosions are among the most serious hazardsLiquid analysis is carried out across a range of industries to faced by the Marine Industry. Aquip represents the world- ensureconsistencyinproductquality,processoptimisation, leading Autronica range of fire safety equipment, to supportenvironmentalcomplianceandsafetymanagement.Aquip this industry as well as maritime operators the world over. supplies Turtle Toughs range of robust liquid analysis systems and sensors for the most aggressive of processes, including hydrometallurgicalextraction,chemicalmanufacturingand waste water treatment.Features and BenefitsFeatures and BenefitsSimplified maintenance, commissioning and operation Longest life in the industryEasy to maintain, modify and scalableDesigned for extreme applicationsCertified SIL 2 solution Lowest cost of ownership guaranteedDual safety Able to survive in high tempt and extremely dry Integrated 3rd party interface conditionsMinimum downtime, maximum safety Break resistant glassSelf-Verify smart technologyBroad range of communication optionsApplications ApplicationsBulk CarriersWaste WaterSuper Yachts SlurryRefineries ZincNickelGoldTitanium DioxideSolvent ExtractionCopper Extraction ProcessTURTLE TOUGH'