b'WE ARE SPECIALISTS IN Inline InspectionReceive uninterrupted condition-critical data to optimise your pipelineintegrityprograms.Thisinlineinspectionservice identifies wall conditions, deposits and leaks without disrupting operations and production. Multi sensor surveys assess full pipe condition in a single run with every INGU Piper containing a magnetometer, accelerometer, gyroscope, acoustic sensor and pressure sensor. Pipers provide easy access to pipeline assets no matter the condition, location, material or configuration. We can inspect steel, flexsteel, HDPE, fiberspar, and ductile iron pipes down to 2 diameter.Features and BenefitsMaximum control without third parties required onsiteDesigned for use under operational conditionsEasy access to assets as small as 2 inches in diameterAffordability and ease of use means more visibilitymore oftenMulti sensor surveysLeak, pressure, deposit and magnetic data in a single run.Leverage historical data for unprecedented analysisApplications OilGasWaterWaste waterMining'