b'Laser Shaft Alignment Condition MonitoringLaser Shaft Alignment ensures rotating equipment is set up toAsuccessfulConditionMonitoringprogramensuresearly run within the manufacturer specifications. The consequencesdetection of deterioration in machinery. This allows machine of misaligned shafts in rotating machinery can be severe andoperators and Asset Managers to step in before the machine include expensive unscheduled downtime, loss of production,reaches critical stage. increasedenergyconsumption,overheating,vibration, prematurewearandtearandincreasedmaintenanceor replacement costs.Features and BenefitsFeatures and BenefitsSingle laser technology Route-based data collectionMulti coupling systems Vibration analysisPositional displacement measurement One and two plane field balancingThermal growth offsets Acceptance measurements using machine templatesSoft foot analysis & correction Troubleshooting using FFT analysisCloud based software Visual inspection12, 16 or 20 analogue channels for vibration monitoring, signal processing and data loggingApplications Time signal, characteristic value, FFT spectrum, kinetic Pump-motors wave path (orbits)Cardan shafts Smart and easy IoT solution for predictive maintenanceGear boxes Advanced alarm handling tools are available for Complex multi machine trains monitoring specific machine failures Conveyor drivesCompressors Applications Gas turbinesTraining Gas turbinesMaintenance assessment Wind turbinesCompressorsMotorsGeneratorsPumpsFactory acceptance tests'