b'Clamp-on Flow Meters Portable Doppler MetersClamp-on flow meters are suitable for use in liquid, gas, water,Doppler ultrasonic flow meters provide an accurate and easy-compressed air and thermal energy applications. to-use measuring system for high-solid fluid flow through pipes The non-intrusive nature of this technology ensures no contact is0.50 inch to 999 inches (inside diameter). The Doppler flow made between the device and the flow medium. meter is well suited for flow measurement applications such Transducers are installed in situ with no need to modify pipeworkas sludges, slurries, aerated liquids, sewage, dredges, pulp, or stop the flow. plastics, and activated sludges. It measures flow velocity by sensing signals from reflective materials within a liquid flowing in the pipe.Features and Benefits Features and Benefits Non-invasive No pipe section or spool piece is required to install Able to measure pipe sizes between 106500mm the meterMeters available for use in hazardous areas The meter is not affected by changes in temperature, No drift over time viscosity, specific gravity, or the speed of sound within No requirement to shut down the process the liquidAC or DC operation, solar or battery powerNon- invasive, submersible, clamp-on transducersApplications Wide pipe diameter range 13mm (0.50 inches)Water 9999 mm (999 inches)Oil Most pipe materialsPVC, HDPE, Plastic, Steel, Gas Rubber, Concrete, Copper, etcChemicalCompressed air ApplicationsThermal energy SlurriesWaste water Waste waterMiningPharmaceuticalSlurries'