b'Flare Gas MetersMonitoring flare gas is a critical aspect of managing safety and profitability within the Oil and Gas industry as well as providing the basis by which oil companies pay certain taxes and report environmental issues.Using the latest ultrasonic sensing technology, Fluenta offers the most accurate means by which to monitor the flow of gas.Extending its monitoring and measurement capabilities to the chemical,securityandmedicalmarkets,Fluentascollective experience spans hundreds of years in sensing, measurement and control with the accurate measurement of flow assisting in making informed business decisions.Features and BenefitsNon-invasive0.75% accuracyFlush to wall pipe designSimple and inexpensive to installCompliant to industry requirement ATEX/IECExPrevents signal loss at low and high velocitiesApplicationsMeasurement of flare gasMonitoring flow of gasEnvironmental and regulatory complianceRetrofit to existing systems may be possible'